Reflection Blog Post: Auf Wiedersehen Blog!

As the plane landed at Washington Dulles Airport and Vipin and I said our last goodbyes, it didn’t even feel like the trip had ended. With all the new friends I had made in the short span of 2 weeks, it felt like I had been living with my own family. From our daily excursions around various towns in Germany to spending countless hours on our blogs and presentations, it felt like we had a really tight group.

I learned countless lessons and, looking back, overcame some of my biggest fears. Besides learning several valuable business lessons, I finally learned how to give a proper presentation. Looking back on it now, I am very proud of myself for putting myself out there and giving my best work.

I learned about several components in the supply chain within the automotive industry in Germany. I was given the privilege to network with several managers in the production and manufacturing automotive industries, such as my company, GROB-Werke. Furthermore, I was given a huge inside look into my company, which supplied the manufacturing robots that produce the most innovative cars in the world, Teslas.

Along with the academic part of our program, the cultural experience I endured was the most valuable experience I ever had. I was able to connect to several of the German students and made friendships that will last for years. It turns out, that one of the students on the program, Nikolas, is spending the next semester abroad in Pittsburgh in 2 months!

Honestly, besides the academic and cultural experience, my favorite part of the trip was making unique memories abroad with my new friends. Thank you, especially to Dr. Feick and Steph, for organizing the entire trip and being great friends. Being at home now, I really miss the group and cherish all the time we spent in Bavaria. Thank you to everyone for reading our blog posts, I really enjoyed spending the time reflecting at the end of each day. That’s all, Auf Wiedersehen!

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