Gabby’s Epic Adventure

The EPIC Museum was Epic! 

Today we went to the EPIC museum! When we got there we were given a passport that acted as our guide around the different rooms within the museum. The first two rooms were about the island and the people leaving. The next five rooms were about why the people left. The next eleven rooms were about what the Irish people did once they were in the new countries. Then the last two were about celebrating Irish culture. In each room there was a stamp, so by the end all of the boxes on the passport were filled out. 

The content in each of the rooms was extremely interesting and entertaining. I would have to say that my favorite room was “Playing The World,” which was a room all about sports. In the middle of the room was a table with a screen on it where you could pick different sports such as soccer or tennis and learn about Irish players and their international status. They also showed on screens around the room the traditionally Irish sports being played in different countries. We then ventured to the Guinness ]Storehouse and saw how the drink is made and saw the beautiful view at the top!

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