Day 7 & Day 8: May 13th and May 14th

After the most unreal and amazing experience, we began heading back into civilization. After breakfast and packing, we left early in the morning for our hours long canoe ride. Just as we left I said “I hope we get to experience a little bit of rain since it was so sunny on our way here”, and 30 seconds later I immediately regretted it.

Imagine the wettest you have ever been and then multiply that by 10000000000. Not even being completely submerged and soaked in the ocean would come close to this boat ride. The rain began softy, and as our boat took off it became more and more intense. At first, I put my hood up looked down and tried to avoid the rain as much as possible. Then I realized there was no point fighting it. I would eventually dry up, but I would never be on a boat ride in the Amazon rainforest ever again and be able to experience this rain. I let my hair out and embraced the rain. The trees looked so much prettier in the rain. I noticed that the air was so fresh and crisp. I had never breathed air so soft and fresh in my life before it was great

Pretty soon our boat began to fill up with rain water. We used our rubber boots and my hat to scoop up the water and take it out of the boat. As the rain continued, there was no hope so we let it sit for a while. We stopped for a short lunch break and ate some soggy sandwiches. We found some clay in the sand and made little pinch pots while we waited for the other boats to catch up. I cannot believe we were in that rainy soggy boat all icky for 6 hours straight.

This was what I was sitting on for the entire boat ride, I put a life jacket on top to cushion it out but it was still very painful.

Eventually towards the last 45 minutes the sun came out and dried us off a little bit. We were all so icky, smelly, and gross though but still smiling and laughing from the experience. The boat ride truly felt never ending and were so happy to see our starting point.

The bus took a while to come but it did, and we stopped at the same convenience store to stock up on snacks. After that we returned to the lodge which seemed like a luxury compared to what we had just been through. We got cleaned up and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Day 8: May 14th:

Today was another relaxing day at the lodge to work on blogs, projects, and rest. We got to really appreciate the beauty of the lodge, and the hammocks. It was really peaceful.

For dinner we had just a fish, which I usually do not eat but decided to give it a try.

After dinner we went on a night walk to see the critters that come out at night to avoid the birds and being preyed on during the day. I saw the biggest spiders of my life. It was a little creepy going to sleep after that knowing what is out there, but it was so cool.

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