Farewells and Chocolate


The day started with us getting a presentation from a lady who works for Tony’s Chocolonely. We learned about how the company wants to stop child labor or minimize the gap between them and other big chocolate brands from the production of cocoa. The company is leading a great cause and sells tasty chocolate in my opinion. The thing that impressed me is that the company is continuing to grow even bigger and make an impact in other areas such as ice cream. They teamed up with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. So as you can tell from this Tony’s Chocolonely is the supplier and distributes the chocolate to other companies and stores in the supply chain. The concept to customers is getting the point across that when you buy their chocolate you are helping a movement to prevent child labor. It was an interesting presentation that opened up my eyes and that I enjoyed.

After that, we went into the city to the Tony’s Chocolonely shop where we bought chocolate. We got to see all the different kinds they have. Then we went to another part of the city by tram where we relaxed until dinner. My friends and I went to the park to explore. For dinner, we had Indonesian food which was good. Below is a picture of the dinner table I was at with my friends. We had rice with chicken and grapes which I enjoyed. After that a group of us got dessert at a local gelato store. And that is it for the last day in the Netherlands. I very much enjoyed this trip and will hold on to the memories. I am grateful for this opportunity and learned a lot about sustainability and the idea of concept to customer. As an engineering student, I feel like I have a more global mindset and will use my knowledge throughout my career. 

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