Packing Up For Augsburg

Hello! I’m Gabe and I am part of the Swanson School of Engineering here at Pitt.  I am pursuing a major in mechanical engineering with a minor in computer science and electrical engineering.  I am from Lancaster Pennsylvania (and no I’m not Amish).  In my free time I love to go hiking, backpacking, and hammocking.  I also love to tinker with things, build robots, and make stuff.  Fun fact: I once made a paper airplane factory for a school project.

My fascination with robotics and engineering is part of the reason why I chose to be a part of Plus3 Germany.  We will be visiting major manufacturing companies in Germany that are all part of the larger auto industry.  I am really excited to learn how they all work together.  I am especially excited about visiting KUKA, a large robotics company!  Another reason I chose Germany is because I love to travel and I have never been there.  I am really looking forward to learning about German culture and exploring the country by visiting Munich,  Nuremburg, Ulm, Neuschwanstein Castle, and more.  Look out Germany here I come!

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