Day 11: Company Visits

These companies that we visited today were definitely geared more towards the engineers of the group. This first company we visited was TE Connectivity, fun fact their HQ is located in Harrisburg, PA. What TE Connectivity is manufacture connections like USB ports. The four main processes that they do are plating, stamping, milling, and assembly. There were very few people on the work floor due to the fact that robots do majority of the work, while the workers are there for quality control and maintenance. The company had a more traditional cubicle environment, which I would absolutely hate to work in.

The next company we visited was Du Pont Research and Development Center. Before the presenter could talk, Dr. Lei explained to the class how it was his dream to work at Du Pont and to be there, now his dream has come true. The company is one of the oldest Fortune 500 companies, dating back to the mid-1800s, before Chase Banking.

After their presentation, they took us through a tour. The first room they had all of their products, showing off a lifestyle with Du Pont. After that they showed us their solar panels being developed and my favorite part was when they took us to their sound testing room. When the door is sealed there is a 22-decibel level inside the room, anything below 20 cannot be heard by the human ear. When someone would talk in that room they sounded muffled. They used the room to test the ambient noise produced by a product.

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