I’m Moving to Como

Today was definitely my favorite day in Italy so far. We traveled about an hour to the city of Como for the most part of the day. We first did a company visit of Montero Seta SPA, which manufactures and distributes very high end silks. It was incredible to see how much effort was put into the creation and manufacturing of the designer scarves. Our visit was so exclusive that we weren’t even allowed to take photos inside! There was a little shop outside the main factory where we were able to purchase items of our own, and they sold things such as scarves, bracelets, bowties, and ties.

After the visit, the group had lunch right in the main square in Como and got delicious pizzas. We then had a little free time to explore. The view of the lake was incredible and we all got amazing pictures. It almost looked as if the multicolored houses were painted right onto the rolling green mountains. The walking tour came next, where our guide told us about the big cathedral in the center of Como as well as the history of a statue to commemorate La volta.

Lastly was the boat tour, personally my favorite part. We road the boat all the way out on the lake for about a half an hour. We learned that John Legend actually got married at Lake Como, and we even got a glimpse of George Clooney’s house! I had so much fun in Como and I already miss the beautiful views…I hope I can come back to visit someday!


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