The Squid and the Lake!

Today was our day trip to Lake Como!

We began our day at the Mantero Silk Factory. This is a family owned company that began production in the early 1900s. This was my first tour of a factory and this was one of the coolest experiences ever! I learned a lot about how silk is made and how Mantero is one of the best silk factories in Como. What was interesting to learn was that Mantero not only releases a new collection every 6 months, but they also custom design and produce silks for companies across the globe. I was very surprised to learn that higher name brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coco Chanel, and Gucci. We were even lucky enough to watch the screen printers add on the finishing touches to a new line of Louis Vuitton scarves. Unfortunately we weren’t able to take any photos due to copyright concerns, but believe me when I say everything from the production lines to the archive of books and silks dating from the 1980s was amazing to see.

For lunch, we headed to Lake Como where my friend Nick finished making an origami squid as you can see above. After lunch, we took a walking tour around the city and saw the Duomo of Como which was very beautiful. The architecture was amazing and every statue that lined the front wall was incredibly intricate. Then, after the walking tour, we set out on a boat tour of the lake. It was breathtaking!! The tour was only an hour but it felt like we saw so much. The houses and villas we rode by are all set into the side of the court nations that hug the lake and are all the classic Italian villa colors like pink yellow and orange. Literally everything we saw on the water was gorgeous! Also, we got to pass by George Clooney’s private lakeside villa and needless to say I will be looking into buying the villa right next door to his guest house.

Gotta go call my real estate agent! See ya tomorrow!

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