Ireland Day 10

On our trip so far we have discussed various business activities, but I never thought of ourselves as part of the “importation of tourists”. This is a concept that never came to mind but is very relevant to Ireland as a country. Ireland has many different competitive advantages when it comes to tourists. The biggest two in my opinion are the language and the culture. Ireland certainly is not your typical beach scene with warm weather and does not have some of the aspects that some people are looking for when going on a vacation.

The fact that English is spoken in Ireland makes for a sought after tourist destination, especially for people who are not seasoned travelers such as myself. When coming here to study abroad, knowing that English was the primary language made me feel much better about leaving the country for the first time. It is attractive to many tourists that there will not be a severe language barrier when they are traveling abroad.

The biggest reason that Ireland has a competitive advantage in tourism, in my opinion, is the culture here. Coming into this trip I absolutely did not think Ireland would have the culture that they do. I expected the people here to like living in Ireland of course but the pride that Irish citizens have for their country is unlike anything I have ever seen in the United States. On almost all of the tours and site visits we have gone on, the guides and presenters have told us in some way that they are proud to live in Ireland and be apart of the culture. There are authentic pubs everywhere and barely any chain restaurants. Just walking around Dublin you can tell that there is so much history here and it has been upheld all of these years. Ireland may not have a tropical climate but they have one thing that many islands don’t have, nice people and a strong culture.

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