Counting Down to Vietnam

Hello everyone! My name is Anna Workosky, and I am a freshman in the Swanson School of Engineering here at the University of Pittsburgh. I plan to pursue a degree in chemical engineering with a focus in pharmaceuticals and a possible minor in either neuroscience or economics. With my degree, I hope to work in the drug development and drug research industry, as I would like to use my interest in chemistry to benefit public health. In addition, I love working with kids, and as such hope to become a teacher later in my professional career. As of right now, there are many things subject to change in terms of what I plan to do professionally, and I have many goals I would like to achieve. Regardless, I hope to become more involved in many different clubs and activities at Pitt in order to more clearly figure out what I would like to do in the future.

Here at Pitt, I am currently a part of the Society of Women Engineers, and have had an amazing experience. In the upcoming semesters, I hope to join Engineers Without Borders and potentially Jumpstart. While joining these clubs would allow me to pursue my academic interests, some of my other interests include reading, playing the piano, and exploring Pittsburgh. Since I am originally from Herndon, Virginia (45 minutes west of Washington, D.C.) I am a stranger to the Pittsburgh area, and love finding new restaurants and activities in the numerous neighborhoods surrounding campus. Exploring a new city is exciting – and I am beyond excited to be exploring a new city in another country as a participant in the Plus3 program at Pitt.

Plus3 allows rising sophomores in the business, engineering, and nursing schools to go to abroad for two weeks, while earning three credits towards their major. For my experience, I chose Vietnam as my location, and will study the country’s increased globalization and development as well as various cultural and company visits. There are many reasons why as chose this program, one of them being my interest in learning about other cultures and another one being the importance of appreciating diversity. I love history and learning about other countries, and knew I wanted to visit a country with a culture and lifestyle very unknown to me. Additionally, I think being open-minded is very important, and that one’s ability to embrace diversity is enhanced by immersing oneself in another culture.

There are many valuable things I hope to learn from this program. Academically, while I want to major in chemical engineering, I have found that engineering and business many times go hand in hand, and thus it is valuable to have both skill sets. As such, I hope to learn more about international business interaction as well as factors that affect the growth of industries domestically, since this knowledge will be beneficial to me in my professional career. Personally, I hope to grow as a more confident individual, as I am eager to step outside of my comfort zone. I also cannot wait to befriend Vietnamese students while on the trip, and make memories with them and my peers.  

In all, I am excited for new experiences in Vietnam, and am counting down the days!

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  1. Aunt Mo says:

    You rock, Anna Workosky!! God speed!

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