Hopefully Going To Milan Will Teach Me How To Dress Nicer

Hello there!

My name is Garret Clauser and I’m a Freshman at the University of Pittsburgh studying Marketing and Film and Media Studies. A little background on myself, I was born in San Antonio, Texas (which if you ask me is a pretty cool place to be born so I like to flex it) but was raised for most of my life in Bethlehem, Pa, where I went to Southern Lehigh High School. I am the oldest of 4 children. I have two younger sisters, ages 16 and 11, and a younger brother age 7, as well as a dog named Chewie. I love spending time with my family and they are without a doubt the thing I miss most about being a way from home. As far as interests, I am big into sports, particularly soccer and basketball and enjoy watching and competing in them. Along with this, I am also hugely passionate about music and film. I spend much of my free time analyzing movies of all sorts, and trying to apply what I learn in my own creative work whether it be through writing, directing, or acting. I am super excited to be pursuing a double degree in Film and Media Studies along with Business here at Pitt. Musically, I listen to everything from rap to electronic to classical, and I produce my own music (if you can even call it that) on my laptop. Here at Pitt, I am involved in such things as Pitt Club Soccer where I am the current Business Manager, UPTV, and I have done sound engineering for WPTS AM Radio.

Truth be told, I do not have much experience traveling abroad. Up until around three years ago when I went to Madrid, Spain as part of a soccer program, I had never stepped foot out of the U.S.A. Since then, I have gone to Montreal, Canada and the Bahamas but still am a self-proclaimed newbie when it comes to international experiences, especially when compared to some of my peers in this program. However, this summer will be the perfect opportunity to grow this list and expand my world view.

I am extremely excited to be going to Milan, Italy, this summer as part of the Plus 3 Program! To get the opportunity to travel to Italy and experience its vast wealth of culture has always been a dream of mine. Just this past year, I got big into Italian films and the works of directors Federico Fellini and Roberto Rossellini, which has only added to my interest in traveling abroad to Italy and seeing a land of such distinct art and civilization. Along with this, I believe Plus 3 Milan’s focus on the fashion industry directly applies to me and my aspirations for the future. Fashion, like film, is both an art and a commodity. Through this trip, I am intrigued to see how both the creative and business spheres come together to form Milan’s globally dominant fashion industry. This experience will surely prove useful in the future as I hope to navigate the Film Industry both creatively and on the business side. But perhaps most importantly, I hope that traveling to Milan, Italy will teach me how to dress a little nicer, because since coming to Pittsburgh, I have become aware that my current wardrobe is one area I certainly lack in, for now at least :).


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