Pasta La Vista USA

Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Good, and I am a freshman in the Swanson School of Engineering here at the University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in Industrial Engineering. I am from the typical “right outside of Philly” in a town called Warrington. I am an only child, but I have a yellow lab named Abby who I miss a lot while I’m at school. I work at Michaels arts and crafts store, and I enjoy working on crafts and DIY projects in my free time. Pitt stole my heart the first time I walked on the campus, so I decided that I wanted to come across the state for college. I love the school pride, football games, great people, and fun atmosphere. I recently joined the Zeta chapter of Phi Sigma Rho which is a social engineering sorority here at Pitt. I love being a part of it because it allows me to get to know other female engineers and find a great balance between schoolwork and fun. I am also a member of the society of women engineers (SWE) which is an organization that aims to help encourage women to go into stem fields like engineering. I would consider myself outgoing, energetic, and organized. 

The first time I heard about Plus3 I knew it was the perfect program for me. Being an engineer makes it difficult to find time in your schedule between classes, co-ops, and internships to fit in a study abroad experience, so Plus3 was the perfect option for me. It gives me a taste of going abroad while not taking time away from the semesters I am taking classes or going on a co-op rotation. Italy is a great opportunity because it gives me a chance to see the fashion and textiles which I am really into, and also observe the supply chain of successful companies. As an industrial engineer, I will need to focus on how to make companies more efficient, so being able to see these companies as an example will help me know what I need to look for to make a company successful. I am looking forward to working with business students and expanding the range of people I am able to work with. Being abroad is challenging because we are in unfamiliar territory and need to adjust how we act. We will need to rely on the people who we are with to help us do this, so I am excited to get to know all of the great people who are joining me on the trip. I think it’s a great opportunity to connect the two types of majors and learn about how to work with different types of people and make some lifelong friends while doing it.

In addition to the academic and professional gains I will have from this experience, I am also looking forward to being able to explore the world. Traveling and learning other peoples’ culture is such an important part in growing as a person, and I am looking forward to being able to expand my horizons and see the world in a different way. I cannot wait to try all of the amazing food and learn about the differences between Italy and the United States. The architecture and landscapes also make me so excited to visit. Every time we do a pre-departure presentation, or I watch a movie set in Italy, I see all of the beautiful things on display. I can’t wait to see this firsthand in just 2 short weeks. Italy here I come!

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