Arrival and First Thoughts!

Today we arrived in Italy!!!

After an arduous series of flights and layovers our plane touched down in Italy, marking the first time I have been out of the United States! Our plane had a rocky landing however, and the majority of my trip mates were complaining of motion sickness, despite this, I was feeling fine.

Everyone was tired, but as we filled off the plane I could feel the excitement. Sadly we had to wait in a long line for customs in order to officially enter the country. We took a short bus ride from the airport into the center of the City of Milan! On our way in I noticed that the road signs that indicate things like speed limit were different than in the United States, as well as a large number of Fiat cars on the the highway. Additionally, the city of Milan is not what I expected! I have found the it to be much more modern than I had expected out of an old Italian city. Milan is full of green spaces and has trees growing everywhere. There is even a skyscraper that has its entire exterior covered in foliage!

The city was nice to us today, the people were very welcoming and our tour guide Luca showed us the best restaurants in our area. After our arrival, Worldstrides treated us to a wonderful lunch in a local ristorante. Where we had a variety of breads, meats, and cheeses. This was followed by a wonderful serving of Italian lasagna, with a lemon sorbet with fruit as dessert!

After our safety orientation in the hotel, everyone took some downtime for a couple of hours to shower and nap after our day of travel. Some of us met up for dinner and went to a local pizza place (recommended by Luca). We came back to the hotel and have set ourselves to blogging and relaxing. We’re resting up and tomorrow our trip truly begins!

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