Traveling Costa Rica

The long trip to Monteverde provided an awesome chance to look at the different communities that make up the country of Costa Rica. Being in Heredia for the past couple of days we got a sense for what the urban environment is like and were able to compare it to what we see back in the United States. In yesterday’s blog post I compared the city of San Jose to Pittsburgh. I looked for similarities and differences when driving to Monteverde today. Personally I have not had the opportunity to travel across the United States in a car, something that I would like to do very much. But traveling by bus for so long today we saw how quickly the urban environment faded away and quickly became rural.

The houses grew more and more spaced out as we traveled further from the urban center. The English advertisements we saw in Heredia and especially in San Jose were not longer present. It was interesting to think about how a company of international scale such as Coca Cola would have to adapt their marketing strategy to cater to needs of the rural communities. You could also tell that these rural communities felt no need to cater to the tourist population of the country.

My roommates and I discussed the ride once we arrived in Monteverde. Many of us come from different areas of the United States that have very different ways of life. While we all call ourselves Americans, sometimes there are cultural differences that prevent us from connecting as closely as we would like. I am interested to know if the people of Costa Rica feel the same way about the people from different providences. Hopefully spending the next two days here will allow me to get the answers to some of these questions. I ended my day watching the sun set over the most beautiful forrest I’ve ever seen.

John Boyle

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