Art Everywhere

In my last blog post, I wrote about wishing to experience more of Argentina’s culture firsthand. What better way to do so than through art? We traveled to Palermo today, a neighborhood filled with street art, shops and restaurants. It was great to take things slow, walk around, and simply enjoy the day. We had some free time to explore a street market in the center of town, and sit down in a local cafe decorated with beautiful floral arrangements.

I enjoyed looking at the street art that covered Palermo from corner to corner. Many buildings were given pops of color that made the neighborhood unique amongst the rest of those in Buenos Aires. Several pieces of artwork included messages of positivity and encouragement that created a more meaningful experience while walking down the streets of Palermo.

Additionally, we had the chance to visit MALBA, a museum in Buenos Aires showcasing loads of Modern Artwork created mostly by Argentinian and Latin American Artists. I very much enjoyed the unique modern art found on the first floor of the building. While many areas of the museum included art made of simply oil or ink on canvas, these pieces were created with materials such as industrial wastes, molded paper, and paper mache. One piece that stood out the most to me was one created with a denim shirt and mache, creating a three dimensional image of a man sitting on the ground, relaxing. I was amazed to see the amount of unique materials the artist used to create such an interesting piece that was so different from the typical paintings I usually see in many art museums.

Another painting that I found interesting was one that included an image of a protest. Slightly off from the center of the painting was a sign that said “Pan y Trabajo”, meaning “Bread and Work”. It was interesting to see the amount of emotion the artist could convey simply through a painting. The meaning was made even more powerful, as the members of the crowd ranged in age from very old to very young. No matter who the person was or how old they were, they were all facing a similar struggle and carried the same determination to create change.

Overall, I had a really nice time today in Palermo. It was fun to switch things up and take a day to focus on Argentinian culture and art. I’m excited to see what tomorrow has in store. Signing off!

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