Beaten at Eaton

Yesterday we attended Eaton where CTO Ramanath Ramakrishnan spoke about how his company innovates in a time where it seems that is the only way to remain successful in our rapid-growing technological world that we live in. As an HR major, I never considered innovation to be a part of my future career. Yet, after learning the true definition of innovation, being “to make changes in methods, ideas, or products,” I believe that innovation will play a crucial role in my Human Resources positions.

A key concept in Human Resources is the idea of keeping people motivated. Motivation in the workplace has little to do with money and a lot to do with developing new ways to keep employees interested in what they are doing. This is where innovation comes into play, where new process of hiring, firing, training, development, compensation, etc will need to be developed for a fully functioning and constantly growing organization. A few characteristics stand out when one thinks about the skills needed to innovate. Creativity is probably the most important as the innovators must not only be open to new ideas, but must think out of the box when doing so.

Over the next few years, I hope to learn to adapt to situations better that will allow me to better innovate. For example, at Eaton when we were asked to perform an exercise on AI innovation, the word “AI” scared me immediately as I did not know what it meant as I have never heard of it before. At first, I did not think I would be able to contribute to the exercise because I knew nothing on the topic. Though, after my teammates explained the concepts and started throwing ideas around, I picked up on what AI is and does and was about to join in on the conversation.

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