The Most Memorable, Least Blog-able Day

Our day began at a tech firm native to the R.O.K. called Naver. It is a diversified tech company with numerous subsidiaries in South Korea, Japan, and other East Asian nations. 

The presentation was particularly interesting. For me this is the coolest introduction to a company I have gotten to see since I got to this country. They talked about different technologies that they have available as well as what they are still working on. 

Unfortunately, the company tour was not at all what I was anticipating. They took us to their company library, clinic, cafeteria, which are nice and all, but we did not see any Naver technologies. The tour guide spoke little to zero English and our interpreters were not very helpful either. A good 20 minutes were spent talking about the supposedly innovative book cart. Huge let down.

The cooler part of the day was actually when got to do some taekwondo. This is my first ever martial arts experience and although it didn’t turn out great for me (more on this coming), I still thought it was a fun experience. We learned how to punch, kick, and scream at the same time. Emma Ahlgren was my partner and we had fun doing stretches and smacked wood together.

Taekwondo? Yes, please!

I always knew I was a fairly clumsy person. However, I herein discovered my horrendous lack of coordination. I struggled to follow the order of the movements and to recreate said movements themselves. I took a fall at one point and that was very embarrassing but I guess that’s okay because it wasn’t videotaped–unless you all go through the CCTV.

Afterwards, we went to a mall in Insa-dong. I got a bunch of postcards for my friends back in the States. It was a great day.

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