Day 7: A Tour of the Italian Fashion District

Day 7 was a simple day. This worked well because for some reason everyone in the group seemed extra tired at breakfast today, probably just a coincidence. Anyways we started the day off going into the 10 Corso Como art piece/store. The clothing there was really nice but also really expensive. I remember looking at a Gucci bomber jacket that was over 2000 dollars. After realizing that the clothing in the store was just a little over my budget, I went upstairs to the library section. There I ended up looking at a book of drawings of rockstars such as the Beatles, the Stones, the Doors, Elvis Presley, etc for around 20 minutes. These drawings ranged from cool to downright creepy.

The second part of the day focused around a walking tour of Milan’s Fashion District. I was excited to see this area after the tour guide the other day told us that Fashion District accounts for a sizable portion of Milan’s yearly income. I also was excited to window shop at all the expensive brands. But before reaching the shops we got a decent amount of history from the tour guide. One place we saw was a set of canal locks engineered by Da Vinci. It was amazing to see something directly built by one of the world’s most prominent geniuses. Another historical area we got to see was a church built in the middle ages. Again, I was super impressed by the art covering the church. We also saw ruins that at one time were the capital of the Christian empire.

All in all, today really provided us with a great glimpse of Milan both past and present. It really is so wonderful to be able to go around Milan and not only see artifacts of history, but also how nowadays the city is a powerhouse at the forefront of the fashion industry.


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