Gaucho Life

Today was definitely one of the best days of our trip thus far! We spent the day at Estanzia Don Silvano which used to be an operating ranch, but is now used as a tour site to show people authentic gaucho culture. When we first arrived we were greeted by our guide, Juan, who was one of the nicest Argentinians I’ve met so far. Him and the rest of the staff made me feel right at home throughout the day. After meeting Juan, we were given a breakfast of the best empanadas I have ever had. The empanadas were homemade and we were warned several times to watch our clothes because of how juicy they were! Argentina has some of the best empanadas in the world, but the ones we had today were the best of the trip in my opinion. After our first meal, we got the chance to walk the property and see where Don Silvano lived, along with where visitors can stay. The estate and the housing were very authentic and it was cool to see what living there would have been like because everything was kept in shape. The property itself was beautiful and we got the opportunity to take a horse drawn carriage around it. The property had several interesting animals on it ranging from the Argentinian version of an ostrich and llamas to farm animals like horses, pigs and sheep. It was also very cool to see the several peacocks running around the property greeting everyone. After scoping out the property we were herded into a large dining hall where we were given a feast. Throughout the meal, songs from Argentinian regions as well as songs from the countries of the several other visitors. For example, we listened to songs from Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Brazil, Peru and many other countries including Argentina and the United States. The songs were great, but the performers were even better. The singer had one of the best voices I had ever heard, and the dancers were also fantastic. To conclude the day we watched a gaucho show and learned more about their culture. We learned that gauchos were very similar to cowboys. We got to see them herd the horses, race them and play games on them. The gauchos skills on the horses were crazy and after the show we were given a final dessert and got ready to leave.

I would definitely say that today was one of my favorites. Anyone considering this trip should look forward to a day of fun, food and dancing. The ranch itself was beautiful and we were given the chance to walk around and explore while also getting a horse carriage ride. I really enjoyed getting to interact with the gauchos, as well as really getting a chance to be a part of their culture. The food was a meal for a king, it was some of the best food we had but with top class entertainment. I think today was the best chance I’ve had to really see and be a part of Argentina’s culture. I would recommend this trip to anyone and honestly wish I can go back with my family some time for a day at the ranch. The day was so nice I’d stay another if I could have! The trip to Don Silvano Estanzia is the best cultural tour of the trip and it was a perfect day in my opinion. I think that this trip should definitely be the main selling point for Plus3 Argentina and I really enjoyed a nice relaxing Sunday on the ranch. I would be happy to tell stories about my trip with student considering Plus3.

A quick Mother’s Day shout out to my mom she has done so much for me and I would not be the person I am today without her. I am truly grateful for all she does for me and the opportunities she has given me to succeed. I would also like to shout out my grandmother for all she has done for me and being a great role model and person to talk to. I’d like to thank my stepmother for also taking care of me and being a person that has given me so many opportunities to succeed. All 3 of them are also great cooks!

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