Home On the Ranch

We visited Estancia Don Salvino today, a ranch that is located about an hour and a half drive from where we are staying in Buenos Aires. Our visit to the ranch was definitely needed. After long days of lectures and cultural activities, a day to relax and enjoy the calm setting was greatly appreciated.

We started out the day with breakfast served at Don Salvino. This meal consisted of delicious beef empanadas, which I felt were probably the best ones I’ve tried in Argentina so far. I had to hold myself back from eating a fourth, but I’m slightly regretting that decision as I write this blog post.

Next, we were given some time to explore the ranch. It was fun to see the traditions of the Gauchos (think Argentina’s cowboys) featured throughout the ranch. Peacocks roamed, a flamingo stood napping in the water, and horses offered a bumpy carriage ride for visitors. It was a peaceful setting, and a nice break from city life in Buenos Aires.

I especially enjoyed lunch, where we were served probably more food than any of us could actually finish, and watched a show complete with singing, dancing, and a tango lesson. The singer completed his act by performing one song to represent each visitor’s home country. For the United States, he sang “My Heart Will Go On”, which I can only describe as breathtaking.

After lunch, we watched a traditional game played by the Gauchos that was once used to claim land. The men rode on horseback and were given the challenge of collecting a small ring hanging from a post with a wooden spear. While I found the game exciting, a little girl sitting next to us in the crowd was more interested in the rocks on the ground, and would pick them up every few seconds, inspect them, and hand me each as a gift. I don’t think I’ve ever said “Gracias” more in my life, but it was pretty cute nonetheless.

We finished up the day with pastries and mate, a traditional tea that is a popular drink in Argentina. The ride home was the perfect time for an afternoon siesta, and a great ending to a fun day.

Before I finish this blogpost, I’d like to say Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful mother (Hi, Mom!). Thank you for supporting me not only in terms of this trip, but also consistently throughout my life and for being an incredible role model. You inspire me, and I am thankful for you, no matter the day of the year.

With that, I’m signing off for now. See you tomorrow, ¡Hasta mañana!

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