Only day in Ulsan

Today was the only day we have in Ulsan. We woke up early to travel from Gyeongju to Ulsan which is a mainly industrial city. Hyundai Heavy Industries is especially prevalent. From what we saw, everything in the city can be traced back to Hyundai. For the first company, we met with the president of Jinsan Marine Management, Seog-gu Gang. He gave us an informational lecture on what his company does as well as a tour of the warehouses. He explained that his company was founded in 1990 to provide supplies and services for ships such as fresh food and disinfecting services. He especially focused on how his company works with Hyundai Heavy Industries as one of their few authorized sellers of engine parts.

After Jinsan Marine Management, we went to tour Hyundai Heavy Industries. First, we learned about Asan, the founder of Hyundai, and how his early life affected his future business practices. He apparently came from a very poor family but through his frugality and careful decision making, he was able to turn Hyundai into an internationally acclaimed company. We then toured the ship building yards. These cargo ships were the largest I had ever seen. A single ship is as large as four soccer fields and can carry more than 10,000 containers. They also make aircraft carriers and oil tankers. A single tanker is able to hold 1 and a half days worth of oil that could power all of South Korea. Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed on company ground because the majority of the work is confidential. However, I can easily say that a single one of their ships is the same size as a skyscraper on its side. I wish we were able to spend more time on the ship yard but in Korea, mondays are the busiest days of the week. I hope to be able to look more into Hyundai at their car manufacturing factories in Busan.

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