Operation: Ulsan (May 13)

              Another 6:00am start here in South Korea. We checked out of our hotel in Gyeongju and set out to Ulsan. Here we are to see three companies, two of which are today. We will only be spending 24 hours in Ulsan, our third city so far. Our first stop was at Jinsan Marine Management Company. This was a company the specializes on shipping spare parts for large transport ships. We got to meet the president of the company, and he told us all about how he started the business, and how now they partner with companies all over the world. Their largest company is Hyundai Heavy Industries, which we visited later in the day coincidently. We were than given a tour of the facility, which was basically multiple warehouses storing millions of spare boat parts. It was a cool visit, but it catered more towards a business interest.

              We then drove a few miles away to Hyundai Heavy Industries, the largest ship manufacturing company in the world. Our guide first took us through a small museum which housed the history of the company. Hyundai Heavy Industries practically own the city of Ulsan, and the whole shoreline of the city is owned by them for manufacturing their ships. We then got to drive our bus around their facilities, which we massive. There must have been over a hundred ware houses, each large enough to build a battle ship for war. When we got to the water, I realized how insignificant our little bus was as we drove by towering vessels. I am still surprised that something that big can float. This visit was very enjoyable to me. I wish I had pictures to share, but we were forbidden from doing so.

              We then drove to our hotel for out one night in Ulsan and spent the rest of our day relaxing, working on these blogs, and working on our final projects for the end of the program, which I am sad to say is approaching soon.

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