Time to Tango

Today, the Plus3 Argentina crew traveled back to the municipal of Tigre. We visited Conin, a community center for women and children that are living in poverty and cannot provide for themselves. Throughout the first half of the day, we spent time helping to cook lunch, clean the house, and entertain the kids. It was incredibly fulfilling to provide some form of help to these women, who already have so much on their plates day-to-day. It was such a dramatic shift from the wealthier area of Tigre we’d seen the day before, where large homes and expensive boats framed the river. This kind of inequality can pose great difficulties, as often times those living in poverty become trapped in their financial and living situations, and the same problems faced by one generation remains a struggle for the next. Standards of living may remain stagnant, with extreme gaps continuing to exist between high levels of wealth and extreme poverty.

It is often difficult for visitors like us, who come from other countries with a different standard of living, to try and help in these situations. The financial situation for the citizens of Argentina is so deep-rooted that it seems there’s only so much that can be done by outside resources to set the most sustainable solution for the country. Even still, places like Conin are taking steps in a positive direction by helping to teach mothers how to sew and provide a source of income and proper care for their families. It was really inspiring to see the strength of these mothers. Despite the difficulty of their situations, each of them work hard to help care for both their own families, and the other families in the community.

Last on the agenda for today was a tango lesson! I’ve seen a tango show once before, and since then have been eager to try the dance. After some very long days, it was nice to let-loose and have some fun (though I’m not the best Tango dancer out there). Tomorrow, we visit Codika, an app developer created in Argentina. We’ll also be stopping in La Boca, a spot that I’ve been excited to see ever since driving by on our bus tour during Day 2. ¡Nos vemos pronto!

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