Day 11: The Big Day

The big day. The reason for all the sites visits. It’s presentation time! After waking up a little earlier than usual and going through my slides my group and I took the tram to the University. There we met up with our German group members and practices our presentation. Later I had my last lunch at the Mensa where I bought chicken, pasta, and a fruit cup. Usually I would devour these delicious dishes but I was way too nervous to eat much. I just nibbled at the chicken and had a few bites from the pasta and fruit cup before I declared that I was full. Just an hour later our group presented. We went first as one of our group members Alicia found out there was something wrong with her leg and had to get a procedure done. While we went first under terrible circumstances I was relieved when I heard we would be presenting first as I almost always like going first. Going first not only allows me to stop worrying about the presentation but frees up my mind to listen and learn from the other remaining groups.

When It was my turn to present I taught the class about the economical and technological factors regarding Faurecia in the PEST analysis. I went over the direct and indirect factors which affected Faurecia. Doing the PEST analysis was hard as I had never done one before but I am thankful I did because I know in the future I will probably need to do one for another company. After the presentation was finished we had some questions to answer and then finally we finished. Afterwards I felt great and then got to learn more about the other four companies as the other groups presented their presentations.

At dinner we went to the Ratskeller where I had my finally meal of Schnitzel. I had grown fond of this meal and was pretty sad knowing it would be my last time in a while eating it. The schnitzel turned out great. I especially liked the jam that came with the dish. I also learned that using ketchup with schnitzel was laughed at because apparently Germans rarely if ever put it on their schnitzel. During dinner I got to talk to some of the other German students that I had not gotten the chance to speak to previously including Matthius and Luca.

Dinner concluded with a huge group picture outside and then we said our goodbyes. This was a bittersweet moment because I am so happy to have gotten to form bonds with these German students but I was also sad as I am unsure when I will see them again. However with the Bavarian breakfast being tomorrow, my moral stayed high.

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