Busy Bees in Busan

I adore crane machine games. That’s why when we visited the Busan New Container Terminal, it gave me a little rush of excitement because it reminded me of a supersized crane machine game. However, while there would be a sucker manhandling the crane, the ones at BNCT have absolutely no workers atop their control towers. In the entire container area there are no workers around operating anything. Instead, these machines are programed to simply pick up and drop off containers as need be. 

Before this giant crane machine visit, we visited Trainor Korea, which trains employees to get a certification that is recognized by several companies. There was one visual representation of how Korean’s work-life balance compared to other countries, and it was on the lower half of the scale. This reminded me of how intense working in Korea is; the speaker at Trainor also noted how hard it is to push his employees to take vacations for longer than three days. I think in America we don’t appreciate how lax life is in some aspects. In contrast, the speaker at BNCT also commented on how people seem to always be busy, but in reality, they are just putting a show of keeping busy. In my opinion, I do think that Koreans work a lot harder than Americans, because they are driven to earn their living; however, this can lead to much stress and overworking. Combined with the immense stress of higher education in Korea, this is also why the suicide rate is unfortunately quite high in this country.

Our evening was spent in a Lotte Mall. Korea fashion is adorable. They have a lot of clothes that have English on them, but the English doesn’t make sense, which makes it even more adorable. I didn’t find anything clothing that fit well enough to buy, but there was this one shirt with a panda on a bike that said “Panda Bike Club.” I was very amused. 

Yummy puffy pastry with chocolate custard inside!

They also have a lot of Paris Baguette stores around, so finally we went in one. They’re pastry stores with lots of delicious food and I had a puffy bread cone with chocolate custard/pudding inside. It was so good. I also got a blueberry macaron ice cream sandwich, and it was quite a dessert. To bite into the crunchy outside shell of the macaron, then for your teeth to sink into the soft inner part of the macaron, and finally the sweet ice cream inside. Korean desserts are something else. Korea has once again impressed me. 

A joy for my taste buds.

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