Fish Eyes and Pink Hummus that is not actually hummus

Day five is now complete. Today we had a company visit with the BSM Maritime Training Academy and had some free time at the beach in Larnaca. At our visit, we toured the classrooms and training facilities that shipping crews go through in order to be certified to work on a boat. The building itself was an old building with a very modern looking interior, but the original structure of the building is supposed to remain untouched so all of the outermost walls are old brick. We walked through classrooms with sea simulators, which put students in scenarios that they may have to face at sea and they have to react to them. I thought it was interesting that they also train the chefs that will be at sea in the same facility. In finding this out, I think I will be abandoning my pursuit of a STEM degree to become a sea chef. Bon Voyage!

After going through the school, we had a group lunch with the Cyprus 2 group. We had tons of seafood. There were mussels, head on shrimp, calamari, soft shell crab, fried fish, broiled fish, sardines, octopus, fish cakes, and many more. There was this delicious pink hummus looking and tasting spread that me and a bunch of friends had on bread. However, we found out at the end of the lunch that it was actually some sort of salmon spread with fish eggs?? I would never have been able to tell because it literally tasted like hummus. The unfortunate thing is that two of my friends are vegetarian and ate the dip…. oh well I guess? I felt really bad. On a slightly happier note, two of my friends ate fish eyes and said they did not taste that bad. They had a weird hard thing in the middle though.

We went to a mosque as well. I have never been into a mosque, so it was really interesting to see everything. However, all of the girls had to cover up. Two people were not allowed in because they were not covered enough. It was a lot different inside that I was expecting. I feel like I was expecting something similar to a Christian church , but it was a lot simpler. Very interesting to see how different people practice their religions, though. I also saw about eight cats in one place and tried to convince someone that they were sacred, even though they were not.

We spent the afternoon at the beach in Larnaca. I did not swim, but when I put my legs in, the water was so nice. I loved walking around the beach and the little stores and such. I saw some very…. European… swim suits. Very traditional and small to nonexistent. Different than the beaches in the states for sure. On a day we had more time, I would have loved to have been there for a while and just hang out.

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