Cement, Oil, and the Beach

Yesterday was a jam packed and the companies that we met were really cool! We met with Vasiliko Oil and Vasiliko Cement Works and they each explained their operations and their position on the supply chain.

For the oil works, I thought it was really interesting that they only have 3 shareholders: Vito, IFM, and Outlook Oil, so they must have a ton of influence over the oil handling in Cyprus. The representative was very clear and understandable, and he said that they do not actually own any oil, but they are a service for other oil companies that store their oil products and modify them. He was really funny, and he left us with a solid quote: “you must understand well what you’re doing in order to do it well.”

After the oil works came Vasiliko Cement Works, who are the largest single line producer in all of Europe. They broke down the processes that happen when they produce their cement: quarrying of limestone and clay, crushing, pre blending, grinding, pre heating, burning in the kiln, cooling, storage, packing, and selling domestically or abroad. I thought it was really interesting that the local market takes priority when selling cement, and they export in bulk however much is rest. The local market demands about 1 million tons of cement per year, and the international market typically demands 700,000 tons per year.

When we were finished, we ate lunch right on the water. It was a seafood place, and they gave us so many different options of seafood to eat. It was really good, and we went to the Mosque after. I could tell how sacred it was, and we even had to take off our shoes to get into the actual building.

We ended the day by hitting the beach in Larnaca. The water was pretty warm and we were able to go out so far into the water since it was so shallow for so long. It felt so relaxing to sit out and the sun for a little bit and I can’t wait to do it more on Sunday!

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