A Weekend Away

The past few days were my favorite of the entire trip so far. We got up Saturday morning to start our adventure to Paphos. In total this was about a two hour drive, but we made many stops on the way.

My favorite of all of our stops was Aphrodites Rock. We were told all of the rich history about the greek goddess so we could more deeply understand why the area was so meaningful. It was so amazing due to its clear blue water, perfectly smooth rocks, and beautiful views. We were told that Aphrodite would make our wish come true, so we all made a wish silently.

My other favorite spot was the Tomb of the Kings. This was an expansive area that had multiple underground tombs that we could go in and see. The historical site was very enlightening because we had a tour guide that could answer any question we had.

Once in Paphos after all of our historical tours, we all had time to explore the area and go to the beach. It was a beautiful, clear day so we all stayed as long as we could.

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