Last Business Meeting

Today we had an easy day. We left the hotel by 11, which was much later than the majority of the days. This was our last business meeting as our following meeting on Friday was cancelled. We were supposed to meet with ExxonMobile. However, they were required to travel internationally due to the situation in Ukraine. Therefore, our trip to Pricewaterhouse Coopers would wrap up our trip.

When we got to the PWC building, I was already impressed. They took us up to their 9th floor meeting location. They had a 3D projection system along with 4 large touchscreen interactive presentation systems. The 3D projection system used a projector that was in the floor, projecting upwards onto a slanted piece of glass. This way, it appeared that the objects were floating in air, and the presenter could stand behind them. They mentioned that this was to promote innovation in their company.

Next, we heard presentations from two PWC higher-ups. First we heard a live, video conference presentation from Michael Muller-Bungart. He is part of PWC Germany. He explained the way that AI can help impact the supply chain. He noted that AI is most involved in automobile supply chain, and least involved in things like chemicals.

After this, we heard from a representative from Super Home Store. This is similar to Lowes or Home Depot. An individual from our group asked a question about the COVID-19 pandemic. They asked how the increase in renovation due to being stuck at home affected their sales. He said that this was not just a rumor. After they launched their website, because of the pandemic, their numbers shot up. He also discussed how they used AI to help aid their supply chain struggles because of this.

Finally, they split us up into groups to hear one of three different presentations. I attended the circular economy presentation. Our presenter explained how more and more companies are recycling their packaging to help reduce waste. She explained how we may be part of a future where we have to return all of the packages from our products in order to be reused. I think that this would be a difficult transition, but I also think that this is a massive step in the right direction.

Tomorrow we will be heading to the beach again, due to our open slot in the schedule. This will be a great end to the trip.

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