4 Airports, 3 Planes, 2 Days, 1 Trip (May 7th/ 8th)

The morning of May 7th was a very exciting one. It was the first official day of the trip. We would be flying from Pittsburgh, to Charlotte, and arriving in Munich the morning of the 8th to begin our program, but this leg of the journey did not go as planned. When we landed in Charlotte I had high hopes for our flight. I filled up on some Wendy’s chicken nuggets to prepare myself, stretched my legs, used the restroom, and waited for our connecting flight to arrive. When it finally did, I was able to board and find my seat. It was an aisle seat in the middle row with two empty chairs separating me from another Plus3 passenger (shout out to Sydney). The flight was already starting out on a good note, but this good feeling would not last for long. About 4 hours into our flight we were greeted by an announcement from the pilot, stating that we would need to land in JFK airport in order to receive a piece of a equipment we would need in order to continue our flight over the Atlantic. When we arrived at JFK we were told we would have to board another plane in order to continue our flight, a plane that we would not be able to board for another few hours. When we arrived in Munich, we were too behind schedule to take a tour of Augsburg, but we were able to do everything else we planned that day.

On the itinerary after getting a tour of the city was visiting the Fuggerei house, which was the first social housing every created. I really enjoyed this tour. Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable when it came to the topic at hand and was genuinely excited to be teaching us about it. It was interesting to me that people still lived in the apartments, and that the people who lived there worked there as well. After the tour, we would head to a restaurant with traditional Bavarian food to meet with the German students! This was my favorite part of my day, as it not only allowed me to bond with the American students, but also to learn from the German students. We got to learn about them individually and about how our experiences as college students in different countries were similar and different. While these first two days were challenging in many ways, they also allowed me to connect with the other students and have experiences (both negative and positive) that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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