Markets and Meetings


Today was a very relaxing yet productive day back here in Amsterdam. It was one of our first days with amazing weather where the sun is out and it is warm. We all took a ferry over to IJ Hallen, the biggest vintage market in Europe. There were endless vendors with all types of items such as clothing jewelry, trinkets and more! I purchased a ring and could have kept looking around for hours. I was wondering how each person who had a tabe/spot at this massive market got it because the demand must be so high. When friends were purchasing larger items they had to negotiate with the seller. This skill is important in the business world because it can be used to work out conflicts, negotiate contracts and more. It was nice to see locals partaking in this business, and not just larger companies from the Netherlands. 

We next took public transportation to a restaurant where we got to network with Pitt alumni. I really enjoyed being able to talk to a bunch of people who all have one thing in common, but very different backgrounds and stories. It was interesting to hear how many of these Alumni have lived and traveled all over the world and I loved hearing how they are able to balance travel and work. Upon talking to Chris, he explained how he spoke four languages, lived in countless countries and came to the US only for college. I found it fascinating and just loved hearing everyone’s unique stories. I hope to have a story as exciting as some of them one day and hopefully be able to inspire future Pitt students. I also appreciate how close and in contact many of the Pitt alumni are because it shows that if you put in the work to connect to someone that many work in your field, you could have a leg up in the game after college. Overall, between shopping at the vintage market and networking with alumni, I would say it was a pretty successful day.

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