5/17: It was only a matter of time

Today was quite the day. It started by waking up at 5:30 am since we were meeting at 5:50, though the bus didn’t end up leaving until 6:30 since it got delayed. We made it more than half of the way to the glass factory when something happened to the tire (I don’t even know what, a nail maybe??) and we had to stop while they fixed it, which took a solid hour and a half to two hours. We sadly missed our tour at the glass factory, though the museum and gift shops were cool! I wish we got to do the tour, because I am so curious how some of those glass sculptures are created. We then headed to Skoda, where we spent A LOT of time. We started with a factory tour, which was actually really cool to see how the cars are massed produced. We then got lunch, which was also very good, before taking another tour around the museum. After that, we headed to Skoda Motorsports to see how they make the sport cars, which was also very very cool. After this long day, we finally headed home, which is where I am now. We are doing a ghost tour in like an hour, which I am excited for!

My advice to others traveling to Prague would be to bring a lot of cold medicine and cough drops (kidding not kidding) and I would definitely tell people traveling here to not be afraid to take it easy some days! Definitely do all of the touristy things, but also get out of old town and have some quiet times as well! This is an amazing city with such beautiful architecture and amazing parks, that can be just as amazing as the Astronomical clock and the castles. There are so many cool little side streets and alleyways that have cafes, shops, and just generally hidden gems. I would definitely tell people to immerse themselves in the culture, and really just take it all in while they are here because time flies! These two weeks have been amazing, and I would not trade them for the world.

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