Adiós Argentina :(

The last day in Argentina has finally come. I can’t believe this will be the last blog post I will type. This trip was truly one to remember. Today we met with our groups in the morning to practice our presentations. At 1pm we left to go to give our presentations to Dr. Gabriel Novick. My group had to present the Ministry of Health. After that we had to do a webinar for the incoming nursing students that are thinking about studying abroad next year.

I’ve learned so much on this trip. I’ve learned about the Argentina healthcare system and all about Argentina’s culture. The Argentina’s healthcare system is quite complex and it’s broken up into three sectors, the public, private, and obras sociales. I’ve learned so much about each of the sectors by going to different types of hospitals and hearing how each sector functions from different doctors, nurses, and ministries of health. I’m thankful that I was able to visit each hospital and meet everyone that talked about them. I’m very thankful for Grant Martsolf and Lynnea Lombardi without them this trip wouldnt have went as smooth as it did! They did amazing at organizing and making sure we learned and had fun doing it.

This trip was so fun. Each day was fun in it’s own way! Some of my favorite parts was visiting Tigre and going on the boat ride. Another part I enjoyed was going to La Boca and seeing all the shops and how colorful everything was there. I also really enjoyed both tours, the walking and bus tour. It was so cool to see all the landmarks and different shops.

I’m so sad that we leave tomorrow I’ve had the best time here in the past two weeks. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to have came on this trip and with the best people. Even though it’s only been two weeks, I’ve made friendships that I want to last forever and I’ve learned so much on this trip. Sadly we leave tomorrow but before we go we have a tango class! Adiòs Argentina, you were the best!!

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